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Friday, February 29th

A Zionist Manifesto: We must make the change that we seek

An Israeli friend asked a good question, "What must we do to improve our lives?" He was thinking no doubt of the perennial "security situation," but my long winded reply put that relatively minor problem in perspective. I would like to share it with you. I am sorry if it sounds quite a bit like a 1940s Zionist political speech.


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Ami Isseroff on 02.29.08 @ 01:49 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, February 27th

Muhamad al Dura

This sad story should be familiar to you. Muhamad al Dura is the Palestinian child who was filmed by Charles Enderlin and shown by France II television as he was supposedly shot dead by Israeli soldiers at the beginning of the violence instigated by Arab Palestinian extremists in October 2000 in order to disrupt the peace process. An initial IDF investigation accepted that Al-Dura was killed by the IDF, though no body was ever produced, the angle of fire was probably impossible, and there was no explanation of why IDF troops would continue, for a relative long period, to shoot at a small defenseless boy and his father, rather than shooting back at the Palestinians who were shooting at them.


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Ami Isseroff on 02.27.08 @ 10:18 AM CST [link]

Monday, February 25th

Gaza: Hamas strikes out

What if you gave a spontaneous demonstration and nobody came? Well, almost nobody.

Following the great success of the Hamas inspired invasion of Egypt, Israeli authorities were anxiously awaiting the planned "spontaneous" demonstration of Gazans that was supposed to bring 50,000 desperate folks to the Gaza border with Israel. No less than 50,000 people were supposed to have joined the "spontaneous" protest. Numerous international media outlets hastened to trumpet the latest Hamas triumph An organizer gushed, "We have been stunned by the large number of people who joined the protest." But they were all counting their Gazans before they hatched. The great Gaza non-violent action was a bust. About 5,000 people showed up, mainly university students and schoolchildren who were obviously recruited and brought en-masse for the event: "We're going on a field trip today to demonstrate against the Jews."


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Ami Isseroff on 02.25.08 @ 06:35 PM CST [link]

Can Ralph Nader make America safe for McCain?

It may really be, as Akiva Eldar claims, that all those "Zionists" who are opposed to Barack Obama are really against him because they oppose the peace process. Barack Obama is certainly not the ideal "Israel Supporter" of the ZOA, but then again, the ZOA would not consider David Ben Gurion a good Zionist either, and places Ehud Olmert in a category close to Yasser Arafat. Fair enough. Those opposing Obama the loudest may be reactionaries, but that doesn't mean Barack Obama is a friend of Israel.


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Ami Isseroff on 02.25.08 @ 03:06 PM CST [link]


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