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Saturday, March 11th

Wafa Sultan, Muslim Manifesto and the Muslim reformation

"Who are the moderate Muslims, and why do they not speak up?" They are out there, and they are speaking up now. Too often we have read, in the writings of Zionist advocates, that Islam and democracy are incompatible, and that "Muslims" are uniformly intolerant. Perhaps it is true of many Muslims. Surely it is not true of all. The "Muslim world" today, after all, comprises over a billion and a quarter people. That is about as many people as there were in the entire world 150 years ago, and they are spread all over the globe, living in a variety of societies.

Moreover, Islam is changing. The signs are there for those who want to see. The most effective criticisms of society, constructive and otherwise, come from within. They take much more courage than do criticisms by enemies of a society, and they carry much more weight. Israel, Zionism and Judaism have been changed much more by dissenting and innovating Jews then by all the anti-Semites in the world.


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Pots, Kettles and Apartheid in Malaysia

A favorite cry of the go for broke anti-Zionists is an "apartheid state," a sentiment echoed most recently in The Guardian's series about Israeli Apartheid. Israel however, does not have racial laws. Some other countries do? Which ones? Well for example, Malaysia. Remember that Malaysia was ruled by Mahathir Mohamed, the colorful fellow who made the nice speech at the OIC in which he claimed that Jews invented human rights in order to control the world.

Now Malaysia itself is accused of being an apartheid state. The accusation is made not by a neocon Zionist warmonger in the U.S. State department, or a Jewish snake in the Tel Aviv government, promoting human rights to advance the plot of the Elders of Zion. No siree! The accusation is made by a Malaysian Muslim lady, Marina Mahathir, quoted by the BBC. Does that name sound familiar? She is the daughter of Mahathir Mohamed.


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Moderator on 03.11.06 @ 11:06 AM CST [link]

Friday, March 10th

Jews Against Zionism are True Torah Trash

These are no words to adequately describe the antics of the Netureh Karteh group. Next time someone tries to convince you that these people are just pious Jews who don't like Israel, remember that they support Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, a Holocaust denier. "Traitor" does not quite do these people full justice. The article below, from the Jerusalem Post, is self explanatory:

A delegation from the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect is currently visiting Teheran to meet with senior officials and express their support for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his calls to eliminate

In a statement to Iran's official IRIB radio, the group called for "the disintegration of the Zionist regime" and defended the Iranian president, saying that it "is a dangerous deviation to pretend that the
Iranian president is an anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic personality."

We should not be surprised that the Netureh Karteh, who got a subsidy from the PLO, consort with Holocaust deniers. A similar anti-Zionist Jewish group in Austria made an alliance with local neo-Nazis as well. Perhaps there is something paradoxically wrong and outdated in the Halachic criteria for "who is a Jew?" On the one hand, A Falashmura Jew or a Russian with a Jewish mother or a reform convert may have their heart and soul with the Jewish people and the Jewish cause. They may have suffered persecution for their Judaism and support for Israel abroad. They may be heros of the Zionist resistance. It makes no difference. According to Jewish Orthodox Halachic law, they are not recognized as Jews unless they "convert." On the other hand, the Netura Karteh, the Satmar Hassidim and their allies in Austria and elsewhere all maintain, unmolested, the right to call themselves Jews, all the while trampling on the Jewish people, the Torah and the memory of the Holocaust martyrs, and nobody seems interested in disowning them. On the contrary, they dare to call the rest of the Jews "heretics." Isn't it time to clean house in Judaism?

Ami Isseroff


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Moderator on 03.10.06 @ 02:44 PM CST [link]

Media and the Middle East - Setting the record straight

Both Palestinians and supporters of Israel complain about media bias in coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Bias is especially serious when it relates to presentation of fundamental issues that appear in resources presented on the Web, and that color reports as well. These resources are often used as educational tools. If they get the facts wrong, the interpretations that follow will be incorrect. For example, every BBC report about the Israeli security fence has shown an outdated and dubious map of the fence route taken from Palestinian sources, that makes it look like Israel is fencing in about half of the West Bank, justifying claims that the fence is a "land grab."


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Moderator on 03.10.06 @ 01:29 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, March 8th

Who is Racist in the Middle East - Zionism or Arabism?

Is Zionism racism? That is what is claimed by many, including a now repealed UN Resolution. The proof is lacking. However there is surely racism in the Middle East. Here are some examples of "information" about Jews in Arab
world media:

"Jewish women are whores"

"Israel invented Avian Flu"

"Judaism is not a monotheistic religion"

"Jews bake matzoth from the blood of Christian children whom they kill."

 “Jehovah is a god of hatred, fear, and blood, who is content with visions of carnage and takes pleasure in the scent of blood…"

"Hitler was right"

Is every criticism of Israel "Anti-Semitism?" Of course not. How about criticisms like those? Are they  legitimate criticism of the Israeli occupation and the "racist" nature of Zionism? How about that nasty Jehovah fellow?

Can we imagine the furor if someone, say a Danish newspaper, wrote that Allah is not beneficent and merciful? Wouldn't embassies burn? Wouldn't Arab world newspapers write about the neocon Zionists stirring up a war of civilizations?


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Moderator on 03.08.06 @ 08:42 PM CST [link]

The radicals behind the Anglican Church

It is disheartening to see the Church of England being manipulated in support of false emotional and ethical stands.

What do we call a country that had a 100,000 strong and prosperous Jewish community at the turn of the 20th century, that participated in all facets of its life, fully integrated in the political, social, business, industry and arts life, and factored in its progress far more than their numbers suggest; only to be reduced to less than 20 (all over 70 years of age) at the turn of the 21st century?

We call that Modern day Egypt. It is a well known "fact" that 800,000 Jews from Arab countries have seen their numbers dwindle to less than 20,000 in the same period. And what do we call that, if not "Ethnic cleansing" of the worst kind.

And in the article below, we see and read that it is Israel and her policies that are judged as "apartheid" and "racist crimes against humanity including ethnic cleansing [and] acts of genocide." Israel, a country that allows its Arab citizens the right of suffrage, includes their own representatives in the Knesset and extends equal rights under the law to all its citizens.

It is akin to libel when such inflammatory rhetoric is allowed to be aired and by responsible organizations, when the facts of the matter more than refute their stand. I guess saying it long enough and repeating it ad infinitum on the Internet gives that pap, unfortunately, legitimacy that should have been preserved for facts and not fiction.

Israel Bonan

Feb. 26, 2006 1:56 | Updated Feb. 26, 2006 19:00
The radicals behind the Anglican Church

Last week, British chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks came out strongly against the Church of England for its vote for "morally responsible investment" (MRI) in Israel (a.k.a. divestment). In response church leaders stated that the vote was merely advisory. The archbishop of Canterbury, who heads the Anglican Church and supported the measure, claimed it was not a vote for divestment and that he remained committed to "a continued personal engagement with the Jewish communities in Israel and in the United Kingdom."

If there is a lesson from this debacle, it is that attention must be paid to Palestinian NGOs, rather than assuming that such groups are too blatantly biased to influence mainstream institutions.
The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, for example, spearheaded the international campaign for divestment. This group claims to pursue "a spirituality based on justice, peace, nonviolence, liberation and reconciliation." But it is, in fact, an extremist Palestinian organization that pays lip service to a two-state solution while promoting the "right of return" for all Palestinians, which is a euphemism for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.

Led by Naim Ateek, Sabeel brands Israel as "an apartheid state." His 2001 Easter message continued with the language of demonization, such as decrying the "Israeli government crucifixion system... operating daily."

Sabeel's activities are a clear example of the "Durban Strategy," a campaign to undermine and delegitimize the State of Israel by falsely comparing it with apartheid South Africa and pursuing boycotts and divestment as a response. This process began at the Durban World Conference against Racism in 2001, where NGOs adopted a declaration condemning Israel's "racist crimes against humanity including ethnic cleansing [and] acts of genocide."


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Israel Bonan on 03.08.06 @ 03:43 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, March 7th

The real self-hating Jews: the paradoxical tragedy of extremists

For some reason, it is easy to be so Jewish that you become an anti-Semite. We are all too familiar with the Netureh Karteh fanatics and their kin who merrily consort with Palestinian extremists and with Neo-Nazis in Austria. However, it doesn't end there at all.

The Religious Zionist movement has a glorious place in the rebirth of the Jewish people. For many, many years they represented Jewish values and pioneering in the best sense of the words. They provided a moral conscience and voice against violence, they promoted the study of our heritage, they contributed selflessly to pioneering efforts and Hebrew and Jewish education in Israel and throughout the world.

After the Six Day war, some religious Zionists were beguiled by the dream of Greater Israel. They led the religious Zionist movement down a dead-end path, not because it is wrong to want the best for Israel, but because insistence on Messianic perfection had to lead to tragedy. Their moral mistakes were to put real estate and rocks before national unity, Jewish ethics and the injunction to seek peace and love peace. Pragmatically, a movement that tries to enslave a modern state to a religious ideology is bound to fail. Religious Zionists of this type made the loudest claim to be standard bearers of Zionism. However, the marriage between Zionism and that brand of religion could not last it seems, perhaps for much the same reasons that Neturei Karteh Jews have denied their heritage.

Zionism is a pragmatic and democratic political movement to build a state. A state is a secular institution. Its policies cannot be determined by the dictates of Jewish law (halacha) as interpreted by particular rabbis. States must compromise with reality. Religions can insist on perfection to be brought about by the miraculous arrival of the Messiah. For extreme representatives of religious Zionism, redemption is an end to be achieved in only one possible way. For the rest of us Zionists, redemption is a process. Thus, Ben-Gurion remarked that the important thing about the Messiah was not his arrival, but the anticipation of his arrival.

As long as the state served the ends of Greater Israel advocates, they were Zionists. However, it invevitably became apparent that the process of redemption would not immediately culminate in perfect Messianic deliverance. Even ignoring ethical considerations, the flesh and blood government and soldiers of Israel had to adjust policies and tactics to the dictates of superpowers international law and military necessity. Israel could not continue to waste huge resources: money, manpower and international prestige on the dubious venture of settlements in Gaza. No matter what you may believe about divine intentions, three divisions of the IDF could not be tied down to defend 8,000 settlers. The entire moral basis of the state of Israel could not be jeopardized for some caravans in Amona. King David could have a kingdom without Gaza, but King Feiglin could not have a state without Gush Katif. The extremists would make us lose Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv trying to save Amona and Hebron. These realities were understood not only by dovish Israelis, but by a big part of the hard core of the traditonal Israeli right, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert among them.

The inevitable clash came, and religious Zionists had to choose between Zionism and a distorted version of religion: worship of the golden calf of real estate. Some are choosing Zionism. Others have turned against Zionism and against the state, as Zvi Grumet reports in Haaretz. He writes:

..What I see looming is nothing less than the end of religious Zionism. Here are some anecdotes:


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Sunday, March 5th

PSM - Palestine Shame Movement -Anti-Zionism and Disinformation at Georgetown U.

Update - Below I promised more information about the PSM meeting. Here it is Palestine Subversion and Mendacity. The account is based on extensive notes by an observer. It reveals a strategy that is both effective and tragicomically grotesque for subverting virtually every US social, academic and political institution. Wherever there is influence to be had, PSM will be there, making believe they are Christians, women's rights advocates, black rights advocates, loyal Jews, and even Zionists. They will be anyone you want them to be as long as you let them join. The goal: to turn every cause into one cause: Destroy Israel. This is not what we say. It is what they say.

I try to refrain from extreme characterizations when they aren't warranted. Everyone is entitled to their opinion in a democracy. Some groups and some ideas are beyond the pale however. Palestine Solidarity Movement appears to be such a group - bottom feeding liars and promoters of bigotry and hate. The most obscene aspect of this group is that they spread their black filth in the name of "progressivism" and "peace" and reach impressionable campus audiences with their messages.

When you think PSM, think of George Orwell's 1984: Reaction is Progress, Lies are Truth, Murder is Non-Violence, Bigotry is Tolerance, Hate is Love. Below is a report of the recent PSM conference at Georgetown University by Joel Mowbray. From what I know from other reports (coming soon I hope) this hardly does 'justice' to PSM.

Mowbray is worried about a little baby named "Jenin." Frankly I don't care so much if some lady wants to call her daughter "Jenin." There are worse names. The Jenin Massacre lie has worn thin in any case. It is history - or non-history. What is more important is the theme that Mowbray hints at and skirts around - the reason for the conference. This conference shaped a strategy of deliberate and knowing deception to delegitimize Israel and deny the rights of the Jewish people. Other sources reported that students were taught how to mask racism. Philip Farah told the audience to "inoculate" themselves against the charge of anti-Semitism by working with "Jews and Israelis." A Jew can't be an anti-Semite right? According to this idea, for example, it is OK to say Africans are inferior if you can get some Africans to agree, and it is OK to claim that women are stupid if you can get some women to agree.


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