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Saturday, May 13th

Rabbi Moishe Aryeh Friedman Strikes Again

The leader of the tiny (supposedly about 25 members) anti-Zionist Viennese Jewish ultra-orthodox sect, Rabbi Moishe Aryeh Friedman, has made headlines for himself once again. Last time he did it by associating with neonazi Holocaust deniers. The Rabbi, whose credentials have been questioned, has formed an alliance with the Hamas. According to an article in Ha'aretz:


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Ami Isseroff on 05.13.06 @ 06:08 PM CST [link]

Friday, May 12th

Mearsheimer and Walt's Israel Lobby - another cogent response

Professors Mearsheimer and Walt created quite a stir with their "Israel Lobby" "study," by contending that a nefarious lobby of Zionists has twisted US policy to operate against the interests of the United States, and in favor of Israel. The study has generated a number of rebuttals, including the response of Benny Morris that I discussed previously here.

Morris Ostroff has written another very cogent response to Mearsheimer and Walt that deserves our attention. A portion of it is excerpted below and the entire letter to Mearsheimer and Walt can be found by clicking here.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.12.06 @ 03:06 PM CST [link]

Google, Sex and the Arab City

I promise this is really about sex, but you will have to read to the end to get through some boring stuff first. Google has a great new toy for nerds such as I: a tool for displaying search trends (http://www.google.com/trends if you are reading this in a text-only email message). The tool or toy shows the frequency of searches for different words at different times, in different language Google search engines, from different cities. These data, we are warned, are based on only a sample of the Google database. No absolute numbers are given. Still the results are interesting.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.12.06 @ 10:30 AM CST [link]

Thursday, May 11th

Will a British Trade Union Support Genocide? - NATFHE proposal to back Hamas

The NATFHE (National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education) proposed resolutions are worse than we thought. Previously we noted the NATFHE proposal to boycott Israeli Academia on general principles, following the lead of Ha'aretz and Jon Pike of Engage. However, NATFHE also considered some other proposed resolutions, not mentioned by Pike.

NATFHE members will also vote on a resolution to support the Hamas, as we can find from their Web site:


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Ami Isseroff on 05.11.06 @ 02:41 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, May 10th

Brave Zionism in action - Charitable aid for Israeli Arabs

One of the most urgent, and politically problematic, tasks facing modern Israeli society and the Zionist movement is to ensure the equality of Israel's Arab citizens. This task has been undertaken by American Jewish and Zionist charities, traditional supporters of Israel. Like the efforts of Kibbutz members on behalf of Darfur refugees, and even moreso, it is surely a shining example of brave Zionism of the type I wrote about earlier.

Charitable donations will not solve all the problems of Israeli Arabs, some of which require reform of Israeli society, while others require reform of Arab society. If, however, they do provide substantive economic help, these donations will make a significant real contribution. Beyond that, they should help to make Israeli Arabs feel that they are a part of the same Israel that is supported by American Jews - the same "Israel lobby" that Walt and Mearsheimer claim is a servant of evil.

Ami Isseroff


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Ami Isseroff on 05.10.06 @ 02:52 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, May 9th

Another sin of the Zionists

We Zionists bear the heavy weight of misdeeds: we started the war in Iraq, we are fomenting a war against the totally innocent Islamic Republic of Iran, we refuse to make peace with the Hamas only because they want to wipe us out. To this must be added a new misdeed it seems: we racist imperialist colonialist Zionists are responsible for protesting the genocide in the Sudan. Here there was such a nice genocide, going on unremittingly for well over a decade, that was slowly but surely wiping out the Africans of Darfur. Of course, us vicious Zionists had to try to stop it, or so claims the right-thinking and progressive Yoshie Furuhashi in Monthly Review.

Obviously, we do not have the correct Marxist-Leninist approach, which is to allow the Janjaweed gangs to continue to rape and murder indefinitely while the world does nothing in fear of the Arabs, or the Chinese, or whoever has been blocking a solution in Darfur for all these years, in order to ensure this nice progressive genocide. We are obviously guilty of left-deviationism, and bourgeois sentimentalism and colonialist interference in the affairs of the Sudanese government. If the Sudanese decide they want to wipe out a portion of their population, who are we to interfere?


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Ami Isseroff on 05.09.06 @ 10:18 PM CST [link]

Humor: Iranian President Ahmadijad's letter to US President George Bush


President Ahmadinejad of Iran has sent a letter to George Bush in order to "ease tensions." Following is an anonymous humorist's rendering of the content of this letter (modified and enhanced by yours truly - Ami Isseroff

To: His Excellency, George Bush, president of the Great Satan, puppet of Zionists
Fr: His Excelency, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of peaceful Islamic Republic of Iran

Re: Recent tensions

Sorry it's been so long. It hardly seems like 26 years since we held 52 American spies hostage for 444 days. Well, enough nostalgia.

Listen, I have some new ideas for how to end the tensions over our little nuclear energy project, and your crusade to let the Zionists take over the Muslim world.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.09.06 @ 09:11 PM CST [link]

NATFHE Boycott Proposal - Correction

Jon Pike of Engage has published more information about the proposed NATFHE boycott of Israel mentioned in the previous entry about the NATFHE boycott, which was based on a story in Ha'aretz. Jon and Engage were active in successfully overturning the AUT boycott last year, so Jon writes with authority about such matters. According him, the resolution contradicts an AUT resolution to be passed soon, calling for guarding of academic freedom. As the two organizations are due to merge shortly, it is unlikely that the boycott resolution could be accepted by the AUT.

The details of the resolution concerning Israel are somewhat different from those previously reported in Ha'aretz. The doings of the NATFHE conference last year that are discussed in Jon Pike's article are described here. Jon Pike's article is below.

Ami Isseroff


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Ami Isseroff on 05.09.06 @ 08:22 PM CST [link]

British Education Union NATFHE to consider Israel Academic Boycott

Last year the British Association of University Teachers (AUT) adopted and then reversed a decision to boycott two Israeli academic institutions: Bar Ilan and Haifa universities.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.09.06 @ 12:21 PM CST [link]

Monday, May 8th

Happy birthday Theodor Herzl

This week marks the anniversary of the birth of Theodor Herzl, the 12th of Iyar, which falls on May 10, to be commemorated officially in Israel in accordance with a recent law.

The man with the beard is ubiquitous in Israel. His picture is in government offices, his name adorns the main street of every other town in Israel. He is so ubiquitous that he is invisible and taken for granted, and has long ago become a figure of gentle or not so gentle fun, like all fathers of all countries.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.08.06 @ 04:03 PM CST [link]


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