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Friday, May 23rd

Hagee, AIPAC and Hitler: Preachers say the darndest things

Zionists should extend the hand of friendship to anyone who offers it. But the Zionist movement must remain the province of Zionists and Jews, led by committed Jewish Zionists who share our fundamental values and who represent the Jewish people. We cannot and should not put ourselves in the unfortunate position of being responsible for the views of supporters who have a totally different value system, or of being vulnerable to the damage that can by caused by their sometimes eccentric, ill considered or obnoxious views. We have enough trouble defending our own different viewpoints.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.23.08 @ 12:58 PM CST [link]

Thursday, May 22nd

Muhamad Al-Dura and the wars the media made

The Palestinian violence that began in September of 2000 cost over a thousand Israeli lives, and about 4000 Palestinian lives. The violence began with demonstrations on the Temple-Mount al-Aqsa compound that were admittedly stage-managed by Marwan Barghouti, as he admitted an interview with the newspaper Al-Ayyam, London, on September 29, 2001, It was inspired and amplified greatly by the supposed murder of a little child, Muhamad Al Dura, by Israeli troops, on September 30, 2000. France-2 television filmed the child cowering helplessly with his father as the evil Jewish troops shot round after round of semi-automatic fire at him. The films were shown everywhere. Al-Dura's picture appeared everywhere in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as in media around the world. Al-Dura became a martyr to the Palestinian Arab cause, a flame that kindled a huge wave of violence.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.22.08 @ 11:22 AM CST [link]

Wednesday, May 21st

Israel-Syria peace talks - Spin or Reality?

When Ehud Olmert heard that Morris Talansky and his lawyer, Messer, were going to spill the beans on their shady monetary transactions, he quickly dialed the telephone number of his friend Bashar Assad:


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Ami Isseroff on 05.21.08 @ 09:39 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, May 20th

Why a 'truce' with the Hamas is a bad idea.

It seems that a truce or "lull" agreement between Israel and the Hamas may be inevitable, or not. One headline tells us the Israel-Hamas truce could begin later this week but another claims Israel doesn't trust the Hamas and is just going through the motions of negotiating to please Egypt and Hosni Mubarak.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.20.08 @ 02:57 PM CST [link]

Zionism and Israel: Ideological house cleaning

The sixtieth anniversary of the State of Israel (and over a century of Zionism) is an occasion for everyone to do quite a bit of ideological housecleaning and renovation. The passage of time has treated some ideas better than others, but many seem to be saddled with notions that were appropriate 30, 50 or 80 years ago, but no longer make sense today. In fact, almost all of the political positions that are loudly held and defended today regarding the future of Israel or Zionism, or Israeli policy are based on obsolete ideas and realities that no longer exist. This accounts for the dreary monotony of Op-Ed commentaries and analyses of basic questions. Every new fact that should be reshaping our thinking, is instead assimilated and used to support a particular position that is based on an outmoded ideology. Often, the ideology was part of the original assumptions that helped generate the problem.

This reappraisal and questioning must apply to all of us, and all of "them" too, Zionists, anti-Zionists, hawks and doves, proponents of free enterprise and proponents of socialism. In some cases, the answers to the questions are clear. They may also be painful. For some other questions, we do not as yet have answers.


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Ami Isseroff on 05.20.08 @ 02:46 AM CST [link]

Sunday, May 18th

How some Israelis view the United States

Adapted from Israel: Like This, As If.

[This article originally appeared in the Princeton Alumni Weekly magazine, Nov. 2, 2005, as part of a roundup on how Americans are viewed in eight countries around the world. -- J.M.H.]

Dont look at me like that, a mans voice rings out in American English. It resonates over the Hebrew buzz of a Tel Aviv shopping mall. Im not going to steal anything from you, the American snaps at the manager of a newsstand that sells foreign magazines.


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Joseph Hochstein on 05.18.08 @ 11:39 AM CST [link]


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