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Thursday, June 5th

Baruch Haim Obama

Barack Hussein Obama, almost certain to be the nominee of the Democratic party for President, confounded pro-Arab supporters and right wing Zionist critics alike with a speech to the AIPAC Zionist lobby group that could have been written by Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.05.08 @ 04:28 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, June 4th

Hoax Watch: Mohammed Atta and 9-11

From time to time, I debunk hoaxes, such as The German Arms Embargo on Israel Hoax, Anti-Semitism in France Hoax, and UK stops Holocaust education Hoax. The last one seems to have nine lives.

Actually, I thought I had the problem licked when I first wrote about How hoaxes undermine the credibility of Zionist advocacy, citing the Robin Williams letter hoax, the "Dear World" letter from an "anonymous Israeli," the bogus Martin Luther King letter about Zionism and quite a few others. I was wrong. The hoax letters keep coming. Of course there are the ones about Barack Obama the Muslim and Barack Obama the Communist, but those are par for the course in elections.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.04.08 @ 04:55 PM CST [link]

Israel, Europe and the future

The star of America may be declining, and American policy toward Israel will probably be less friendly in the future than it has been of late (see The future of US-Israel Relations). These issues are not directly related to the announced stands of current presidential candidates, though the emergence of Barack Obama as the Democratic party candidate for president has underlined the problem. The choice of Obama, after all, tells us something about how Americans view Israel. His rhetoric is designed to appeal to the American public.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.04.08 @ 02:35 PM CST [link]

The real danger from Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzippi Livni have delivered themselves of the now pro forma warnings against Iranian nuclear weapons. When they speak of Iran, the United States officials and presidential candidates are likewise all focused on the nuclear weapons issue, as if that is the only threat posed by Iran and the most urgent one. The ultimate option for dealing with that threat which is debated most heatedly is an air strike against nuclear weapons facilities.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.04.08 @ 01:13 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, June 3rd

The future of US-Israel relations

The future of US- Israel relations is a matter of concern for all of us. Crystal balls are cloudy, but these two predictions are probably right. The bad news is that the US will continue to pressure Israel regarding concessions to Palestinians - "bad for Israel," and they will do so regardless of whether such concessions can objectively lead to peace. The worse news is that the US is losing its stature in the Middle East, and that others will generate even greater pressures. We are like the kids at camp who complain about the food, "it's terrible and the portions are getting smaller."


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Ami Isseroff on 06.03.08 @ 02:11 PM CST [link]


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