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Saturday, June 23rd

United Church of Christ (UCC) Reverses anti-Israel resolution

The United Church of Christ General Synod has adopted a balanced resolution regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reversing the anti-Israel and anti-peace divestment resolution of a previous Synod. This move is similar to the change adopted earlier by Presbyterian Church USA, reversing their own anti-Israel resolution. The most important parts of this resolution are commitment to a two state peaceful solution, rather than liquidation of Israel, commitment to a balanced approach to the causes and history of the conflict, and a call for an end to incitement and violence.

However, we can surmise that as in the case of PC-USA, the UCC resolution will be challenged again and again by anti-Israel forces within the church.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.23.07 @ 06:39 PM CST [link]

False claim of 6,000 Palestinian deaths in Six Day War

[Originally posted 06/21/2007 at MidEastWeb]

A false allegation that 6,000 Palestinians died in the 1967 Six Day War appears at the website of PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service.

The false report originated as an inadvertent error in a Canadian newspaper June 2. It gained more visibility on the internet a few days later when Michael Getler, ombudsman of the 354-station PBS, cited it as if it were fact.

Getler devoted his June 8 column to "Six Days," a documentary film directed by Israeli-born Ilan Ziv. The ombudsman's column, titled "Versions of War," dealt mainly with Getler's discovery that "there were actually several versions of this same basic film being seen in different countries, and that the American, or PBS version, was different in important ways."


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Joseph Hochstein on 06.23.07 @ 11:45 AM CST [link]

Friday, June 22nd

End the Hamas boycott now!

Many politicians, analysts and op-ed contributors in Europe are insisting that the Hamas boycott must be ended now. Indeed, they blame the boycott for the terrible Hamas butchery that has taken place in Gaza and the suffering of the Palestinian people. The UK UNISON trade union confederation has called for ending the boycott, though they want to start one of their own. Former UN Middle East Special Coordinator Alvaro De Soto scored the Hamas boycott as the source of all the problems in Gaza even before the Hamas coup.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.22.07 @ 03:43 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, June 20th

Palestinian comment: Gaza coup will bring Islamization

Palestinian Walid Salem offers this projection of events. His prediction that Hamas will attempt to Islamize Egypt is alarming. It is interesting in view of persistent reports that Egypt will support the Hamas in order to combat Al-Qaeda. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive. Both sides will try to use each other. As he points out, Hamas will probably make order in Gaza, providing some benefit to the average citizens. This is, in fact already beginning to happen according to reports.

Salem is right of course that Islamist tendency is on the ascendant, and the Arab Nationalism and "National Liberation Movement" ideas of the 60's which were the mainspring of Fateh/PLO ideology are failing. Add to this the money and training provided by Iran and other countries, and you have a fairly lethal mixture. Additionally, many people pointed out that Yasser Arafat was probably the only leader who could unite the Palestinians, and many predicted that with the death of Yasser Arafat, it was only a matter of time before the PLO/PNA disintegrated.

Those who insist that Israel is somehow at fault for the barbarities that took place in Gaza and the rise of the Hamas, should consider that had the borders been open as they insisted, Hamas would have imported heavy arms. If free passage to the West Bank were opened, as even now Mahmoud Abbas is demanding, Hamas would be free to spread its influence there as well.

Walid Salem is not a Zionist of course, and the opinions expressed below are his own.

This article is taken from Middle East - MidEastWeb where it is published as: Gaza Coup: Islamization is coming.

Additional articles in this series are listed at the conclusion.

(1) The rise of Islam in Gaza

In response to the events in Gaza last week, Dr. Sa'eb Erekat the Head of PLO Negotiations Department, said on 14/6/2007 "This is the worst event Palestine witnessed since 1967 war defeat".


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Ami Isseroff on 06.20.07 @ 01:43 AM CST [link]


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