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Friday, June 27th

Hezbollah prisoner swap: it's not too late to save our boys and girls

We can still stop the Israeli government from making a bad mistake. If all goes as scheduled, the Israeli cabinet may make a decision on Sunday, June 28, that would affect the lives of not two, but thousands of Israelis - boys, girls, men and women, Jews and Arabs. If the Israeli cabinet decides to release convicted Samir Kuntar in return, most likely, for the bodies of murdered soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, they will open the way for the next round of kidnappings that may end in a much larger war than the Second Lebanon War (see With blood on their hands.)


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Ami Isseroff on 06.27.08 @ 04:00 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, June 24th

Gaza Cease Fire: Slow Murder?

Humans have a great capacity for accommodation. After you work in a barn for a while, you don't notice the smell. This normally adaptive capability can be lethal.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.24.08 @ 06:11 PM CST [link]

Sunday, June 22nd

Book Review: Zionism and the Biology of the Jews, Raphael Falk

Falk, Raphael
Tziyonut vehabiologia shel hayehudim,
Ressler, Tel Aviv 2006
(Hebrew Only)

Genetics and Zionism is a much abused topic. There is always room to create mischief by harnessing "science" to prove or disprove political ideas. Increasing attention is paid to questions such as "Are the Jews all genetically related, and are they all descended from Abraham and the inhabitants of ancient Israel?" The question itself is wrongheaded. The goal of those who ask it is either to disinherit the Jews because we are not all descendants of Abraham, or to "prove" the validity of the Zionist claim to Israel by proving that we are all descendants of Abraham. Those who raised the issue are racists themselves, because no other nation has ever been asked to prove any such thing in order to qualify for self-determination. Those who try to defend the idea that every Jew is descended from Abraham are fools falling into a trap.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.22.08 @ 05:01 PM CST [link]

The friendly blind giant: The US and Israel

There are roughly three schools of thought about the US role in the Middle East. One school says "leave it alone." This is the Bush administration. Another school, perhaps represented by AIPAC and the "neocons," wants the US to be active in pressuring Iran to stop its nuclear program. A third school, the "progressive activists," is pushing for US intervention to pressure Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians, and to support the "moderate" government of Mahmoud Abbas. In the US Jewish world, J Street represents these voices, who find some allies with the "realist school' that might be represented by the Baker institute people and those who wrote the Iraq Study Group report.

As Israel has tied itself so closely to the US, we had better understand what might be happening there, how the US sees the Middle East and what may be in store for us.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.22.08 @ 03:22 PM CST [link]


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