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Wednesday, June 28th

Palestinian Prisoners' document may end the peace process

Initially, the news that the Hamas and Fatah had agreed to support the Palestinian Prisoner's document was interpreted by some as meaning that the Hamas has softened its stand and is recognizing Israel. This was soon denied explicitly by Hamas spokespersons.

Since then it was announced that the Prisoners' document, never very favorable to peace, was revised. It was this revised version that was agreed to by Hamas. Examination of the revision reveals what is certainly a debacle for peace hopes.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.28.06 @ 09:02 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, June 27th

Hamas does not recognize Israel, Implicitly or otherwise

Hamas and Fatah have reportedly agreed to the terms of the Palestinian Prisoners' document in some form. This has caused a rash of misleading and incorrect headlines, to the effect that Hamas implicitly recognizes Israel. BBC incorrectly reported:

Hamas 'implicitly accepts Israel'

Palestinian militant group Hamas has agreed to a document backing a two-state solution to the conflict with Israel, officials say.

The initiative, devised by Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails,
implicitly recognises the Jewish state.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.27.06 @ 08:02 PM CST [link]

Show international solidarity with Gilad Shalit

Friends of Israel in Germany have instituted a petition to free Gilad Shalit, the soldier abducted by the Hamas. You can help show international solidarity with Shalit and Israel by signing the petition and spreading the word:


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Ami Isseroff on 06.27.06 @ 06:39 PM CST [link]

Academic Freedom and the NATFHE Boycott

Following the failed effort to stop the NATFHE vote to boycott "Apartheid" Israel and to support the genocidal Hamas movement instead, the Guardian added insult to injury by publishing an article (June 20) essentially advancing the claim that nobody had a right to interfere with NATFHE, and that opponents of the boycott were somehow interfering with academic freedom.

The article cited a few improper and racist messages received by NATFHE general secretary Paul Mackney as the reason why the boycott was adopted. The article misleadingly claimed that Mackney made an impassioned plea against the resolution. In fact, Mackney used those hysterial messages and the email campaign as an excuse to generate anti-Israel sentiment. He opposed these particular resolutions for entirely tactical reasons.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.27.06 @ 04:52 PM CST [link]

An academic tourist reports about Israel

I was struck by this glowing account of Israel and Israeli academia from a doctoral student who visited here:

Everyone I contacted or met with in Haifa was genuinely welcoming and extremely helpful. The graduate student who shares my research interests received me - a complete stranger - in her home, helped me to settle down in Acre, and supported me throughout my stay with contacts, interviews, and so much more.

Something to think about, perhaps, for those insisting on boycotts of Israel. There is more:


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Ami Isseroff on 06.27.06 @ 02:55 PM CST [link]

The mistake about disengagement

Critics say the Gaza disengagement has failed. It has not brought peace to Israel, but rather increased the level and intensity of terror attacks, claim supporters of Greater Israel. It has not brought freedom to Palestinians, but rather shut them into Gaza, claim pro-Palestinians.

Indeed that seems to be the case. The fault however is not in the disengagement, but in what was done, or not done, after the disengagement. The terror in Gaza was ostensibly aimed at ending the occupation. Evil Zionist settlements were stealing the water and land of the Palestinians, as we were reminded each day by the media. The international community found it hard to condemn Palestinian terror in these circumstances.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.27.06 @ 02:26 PM CST [link]

Monday, June 26th

The real story in Gaza and Sderot: Who are the victims?

The media buzz over who was responsible for the deaths of the Ghalia family on Gaza beach obscured the real stakes in Gaza. Since 2001, the Popular Resistance committees and Hamas have lobbed about a thousand rockets of various types and increasing size into Israel. The most "popular" are the Qassam rockets of the Hamas, but there are other brands as well. It is unimaginable that any other country would have permitted such a sustained attack on its citizens without taking effective action, either military or diplomatic. The range and size of the Qassam rockets have been growing steadily. The Qassam 3 has a range of 10 KM and a payload of 10 KG. It is only a matter of time before communities in southern Israel will be suffering the equivalent of the London Blitz in miniature. In addition, the Al Aqsa Brigades have announced that with the help of Allah, they have developed chemical and biological weapons and will "surprise" Israel.


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Ami Isseroff on 06.26.06 @ 11:50 PM CST [link]


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