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Friday, July 28th

Pan Arabism by any other name

Nasser’s Pan Arabism exits “left”, Nasrallah’s sponsored Jihadism enters “right”; a rose by any other name.

It seems that the only thing that can galvanize the Arab masses is a good fight, with a lot of bloodshed, and preferably against Israel. Is Peace in the Middle East a dream? What happens when we wake up?

In a recent NY Times article, Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah , by Neil MacFarquhar; we are regaled witnessing the Arab governments speaking as usual with forked tongues, one in support of Hezbollah and another more privately denouncing it. We are continuously reminded that the flash point in the Middle East is always a crowd pleaser, standing up to Israel.

When will the Arab masses stop equating relevancy with winning wars; and when will they stop to consider that a better future for their children is worth keeping them alive instead of constantly putting them in jeopardy in the name of a religion or an Almighty?

The spheres of competition are open to you, you don’t need a gun to compete; so come and meet the honest challenge that is open to you, where only the gifts given to you by the Almighty are the only prerequisites to compete. Make it your destiny, instead.

So, come and join the world to eradicate diseases, to improve the human condition and to create a better life for all future generations; it is there for the taking if only …

Israel Bonan


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Israel Bonan on 07.28.06 @ 04:47 PM CST [link]

Thursday, July 27th

Objective Reporting and News as Reality shows

Like anything and everything else in life, changes tend to be, for the most part, gradual in nature; more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Nothing better highlights this concept than TV programming. As the viewing habits, viewer sensibilities and the production economic factors all merge into creating the paradigm shifts we experience as the final results.

Of course it is incumbent upon the programmers to insure that the new trends are always keeping up with the audience viewing preferences, so constant feed back helps keep the new programming models in synch with the end users, in this case the viewing audiences.

Examples of that abound. We have seen over the past five years in the US a dramatic programming change that seems to have rejuvenated the bottom lines of the major networks by steering further and further away from traditional programming of drama and sitcom programming spots toward more and more of the so called Reality shows.

Reality shows tend to cost much less, create instant appeal, and when their formats start to fade they can easily get replaced by another and another. We have seen the likes of “American Idol” and its clones, “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, “Deal or No Deal”, “Big Brother”, “The Amazing Race” etc… And much like their displaced programming, they too can spawn new shows as well as clones across the Networks.

Now that being said, the audience showed a predisposition to that new style of programming, and reinforced in the process the new programming paradigm shift, ergo we continue to experience that evolutionary change.

It seems that the changes did not stop there, as the logic of it implies … “What is good for general programming must be good for the News reporting as well”. And there lies a danger if such a trend in News reporting persists without the viewing audience responding with a strong and unified feed back about their opposition to it.


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Israel Bonan on 07.27.06 @ 04:36 PM CST [link]

UNIFIL tragedy in Lebanon: How did it happen?

The world has been in an uproar because Israeli soldiers fired upon a UNIFIL "observer" post, killing four soldiers. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN, insisted, without investigating, that Israel had deliberately targeted the UNIFIL post. How did the attack happen?


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Ami Isseroff on 07.27.06 @ 12:59 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, July 26th

Image and reality in Lebanon: CNN spin obscures truth

Civilian casualties? Disproportionate Response? Bombed ambulances? An article in Newsbusters shows exactly how the Hezbollah is manufacturing "news" for foreign viewers and how large news networks gobble it up and regurgitate it for you, becoming in effect, branches of Hezbollah's "El Manar" television. CNN correspondent Robertson admits:

And I think as we try and do our job, which is go out and see what's happened to the best of our ability, clearly, in that environment, in the southern suburbs of Beirut that Hezbollah controls, the only way we can get into those areas is with a Hezbollah escort. And absolutely, when you hear their claims they have to come with more than a grain of salt, that you have to put in some journalistic integrity. That you have to point out to the audience and let them know that this was a guided tour by Hezbollah press officials along with their security, that it was a very rushed affair, that there wasn't time to go and look through those buildings.”

“The audience has to know the conditions of that tour. But again, if we didn't get all — or we could not get access to those areas without Hezbollah compliance, they control those areas.”

Two questions immediately come to mind:
1- If all that is true, then why didn't Robertson do that in his original broadcast?


2- Why isn't CNN poking around the rubble in Haifa? Why don't you hear about the million Israelis whose lives have been ruined by Hezbollah terror? The hundreds of thousands of refugees from the North that we Israelis hear about and see each day on our television screens?

CNN's shoddy coverage is not too surprising, considering that they admitted the same type of bias, and worse, when reporting from Iraq, parroting handouts of the Saddam Hussein regime uncritically.

More below.

Please report CNN errors and bias in their television and Web stories: http://edition.cnn.com/feedback/

Ami Isseroff


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Ami Isseroff on 07.26.06 @ 11:54 AM CST [link]

US media frenzy and the rehabilitation of Hezbollah

How much can one take without allowing some of the bile that is building up in one’s throat to spew out uncontrollably?

I have recently decided to switch my TV viewing habits, and let my remote control vote for my preferences as far as watching the nightly news in the US.


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Israel Bonan on 07.26.06 @ 03:10 AM CST [link]

Lebanon must be free - from the mountains to the sea

A few Lebanese are daring to tell the truth about who started this war, and whose fault it is. Those who condemn Israel in the name of Arab solidarity, would do well to listen to them. Unfortunately, the puppet government of Fuad Siniora, which garners support from the United States, does not represent the real interests of the Lebanese people.


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Ami Isseroff on 07.26.06 @ 12:02 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, July 25th

European anti-Zionism prevails again

As a result of the current crisis/war in Lebanon anti-Zionist sentiments prevail again, as they did in 2002 following the Israeli reoccupation of Jenin and the siege of the Muqata (see also Sever Plocker's excellent column). At an anti-Israel demonstration in Amsterdam, organized by the Green Party, the Socialist Party and several Palestinian and Arab organizations, people shouted in Arab: "Jews, the army of the prophet is coming". Others yelled: "Bush, Blair, Bot (Dutch minister of foreign affairs) terrorists". The leader of the Green Party, an otherwise sensible, reasonable and smart woman, explained on the radio that she saw no problem in these kind of slogans, and that they were not aggressive. I wonder what she would say if right-extremists would shout: "Muslims, watch out, the army of the crusaders is coming". At an anti-Israel demonstration in Australia, Gaza and Lebanon were called "Israel's Holocaust". I read more than once in recent weeks articles by people explaining that the creation of Israel was a crime against the Palestinians, that it happened with cunning and deceit, that the Jews wanted to expel all the Palestinians from the start to make room for their exclusivist Jewish state.


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Ratna Pelle on 07.25.06 @ 01:13 AM CST [link]

Monday, July 24th

Israel and Lebanon: The Gore War

Allegations of Israeli war crimes, luridly illustrated by obscene photos, have been plastered all over the Web and featured in Arab and European media, neglecting the very real war crimes of the Lebanese government sponsored racist Hezbollah Jihadist terrorist organization. As usual, the Middle East rumor mill is at work. It is fed in part by the "innocent" Lebanese government that the United States is trying so hard to protect. The rumors claim that Israel is using forbidden weapons such as phosphorus incendiary bombs to deliberately target civilians. One rumor claims that bodies of victims were "grey" and didn't exhibit any wounds, implying the use use of chemical poisons. There is no evidence that any of this is true, and none has been presented.

As Sever Plocker notes, European media are doing a rerun of the Jenin massacre canard:

...one gets a picture that Beirut has been destroyed at least as badly as Dresden was during the Second World War. Foreign television channels use one section of footage over and over, showing the destruction of one neighborhood in south Beirut, to "show" what has happened throughout the city.

The most worrying thing about the current anti-Israel wave is its' global scope: Leaders and opinion makers around Latin America, for example, have denounced Israel in some of the strongest terms imaginable. The UN Human Rights Commission has joined the chorus, as have international law organizations, cinema types, even journalists.


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Ami Isseroff on 07.24.06 @ 10:56 PM CST [link]

Hamas, Hezbollah and the blame game

I have given up all hope that there will ever be a standard by which, we as human beings, can see the same events and interpret them in a similar fashion.

Whether it is Israel explicitly avoiding the targeting of civilians or Hamas & Hezbollah taking pride in explicitly and exclusively targeting civilians; it seems it all eventually amount to the same results in the eyes of the world media. Israel is at fault for the use of excessive force with the collateral damage pointed out for all to see and nothing else.

If that is the only verdict we are to ultimately expect from a jaded world media, then I consider myself fully justified in my “loss of hope” earlier statement.

Once in a while an article comes about that tries to make a difference, with a measure of logic and pointed analysis that somehow keeps the spark of hope alive; that may be, just may be, what is written will actually be read and appreciated for what it addresses and what it implies. Alan Dershowitz article “Blame the terrorists, not Israel” in today’s Boston Globe, attempts such a feat.

Will he succeed? I can only hope he will, and more so I pray that he will succeed. How long can these terrorists hide behind their civilians? When will squandering innocent lives stops being G_d’s work and is seen for what it really is … Moral bankruptcy, and ultimate cowardice.

Israel Bonan


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Israel Bonan on 07.24.06 @ 04:22 PM CST [link]

Sunday, July 23rd

What Hezbollah Wants

We need to remember what Hezbollah is fighting for, in order to understand what Israel is fighting against. Hezbollah has an unambigious message.


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Ami Isseroff on 07.23.06 @ 11:41 PM CST [link]


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