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Friday, September 8th

Amnesty International on Lebanon and Israel: Guilt by Omission

I have absolutely no problem with Kathleen Peratis (Washington Post, Weds August 30 - posted below) saying that you cannot counter the arguments against Israel put forward by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty simply by an emotional response accusing them of bias and disseminating misinformation. In fact I agree with her. Nor is there anything to be gained at personalised mud-slinging and name calling. However what can be used against HRW and Amnesty are unchallengeable and well-documented facts, and a charge of guilt by omission.


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Ami Isseroff on 09.08.06 @ 02:39 AM CST [link]

Giant step: Anglican-Jewish Dialogue Agreement.

The Anglican Jewish dialogue agreement signed recently is described as a giant step forward. We can really hope that it is so. It is certainly a sign of hope. With due respect to our Christian friends, this passage may raise some eyebrows among Jews who know the history of Christian-Jewish relations in Europe:

For Christians and Jews, however, the task of building mutual relationship has a different and prior basis than our dialogue with any other religion. Our relationship is unique, not only historically and culturally, but also scripturally, and for both religions, is rooted in the one overarching covenant of God with Abraham to which God remains faithful through all time. It is unique historically through the interaction of the Christian and Jewish communities, especially in Europe down to the Holocaust;

I'll say it was unique From the Jewish point of view, the interactions with European Christians included a few things that were certainly unique even before the Holocaust, but they were not necessarily pleasant. Does the inclusion of this wording mean that the Anglican church is still insensitive to the nature of European anti-Semitism and its effect on Jews, even when it is going out of its way to reach out in dialog? Should the Chief Rabbi of Israel have signed such a document? Did he forget the nature of the "unique" relationship??

Indeed it is a giant step. We should remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

The document in full is below, with commentary from Anglican friends of Israel.

Ami Isseroff


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Ami Isseroff on 09.08.06 @ 12:04 AM CST [link]

Wednesday, September 6th

Anti-Zionism: Where does the stench come from?

The stench of anti-Zionism is haunting over the entire world. Articles, conferences, books and organizations announce that "Zionism is Racism," justify terror and proclaim the "inalienable right of the Palestinian people" to destroy Israel. News agencies fake photos of Israeli "atrocities." Anti-Semitic cartoons and T-shirts are distributed around the world. Demonstrators in London carry posters reading "We are all Hezbollah."

Where does the stench come from?


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Ami Isseroff on 09.06.06 @ 12:05 PM CST [link]


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