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Thursday, October 19th

European Fairy Tales

While working through a high stack of Dutch newspapers, which had been piling up during the summer, I came across an interesting article. In the Volkskrant of August 19, H.J. Schoo asked why the Europeans and the Dutch in particular have turned against Israel so much. He correctly points out that this cannot be explained merely by Israeli actions, since other armed conflicts which are much bloodier (former Yugoslavia, Darfur, Chechnya, Rwanda) have not provoked such an outcry. Concerning the Lebanon war he remarks:

"Surely much can be criticized in the political and military wisdom of the actions against Hezbollah. Nevertheless, it is curious that Israel in particular evokes the anger of Europe (...) Clearly it responded in defense against an organization whose most important aim it is to destroy the Jewish state. That is not a matter of biased, ill-disposed attribution, but it is Hezbollah's political raison d'etre."


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Ratna Pelle on 10.19.06 @ 10:16 PM CST [link]

Zionist Unity: A Manifesto

I have discovered another evil aspect of the "Zionist conspiracy." The campaign of anti-Zionists to portray Israel as a villainous illegitimate state, and paint Zionism as evil, owes a great part of its success to the Zionists.

A dangerous and destructive dynamic has evolved within the Zionist movement, motivated by differences of opinion over the fate of the "territories," and differences of approach to solving the Palestinian problem. In the process it was forgotten that we are all Zionists. That is, we all support the national revival of the Jewish people and the right of our people to self determination, and we all will pay dearly for erroneous policy decisions, foolhardy risks and missed opportunities.


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Ami Isseroff on 10.19.06 @ 02:58 PM CST [link]

Wednesday, October 18th

Report on BBC Anti-Israel Bias to be released

It seems some people needed a special report in order to find out that the BBC is biased against Israel. They could not find it out from their broadcasts and articles. They could not know it even though BBC newspeople have actually admitted being biased against Israel.

Presumably, until now everyone didn't notice or thought it was OK when BBC and other news stations referred to terrorists operating against Israel as "militants," while those operating in Britain or against British targets were called "terrorists. Presumably, everyone thought it was perfectly natural and justified for the BBC Web site to display only comments of Lebanese victims about the Israel Lebanon war, and not display comments of Israelis. Obviously it was also correct for BBC to display, for several years, a totally outdated and incorrect map of the security fence, which deliberately gave the impression that Israel was about to fence off 40% of the West Bank.


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Ami Isseroff on 10.18.06 @ 03:22 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, October 17th

Anti-Semitism in France - Reality and Hoax

Violence and anti-Semitism in Europe are real enough. They should not be the subject of hoaxes.

A while ago I wrote about several hoax letters circulating on the Internet. In part, they are perpetuated and disseminated because people want to believe them, and because people are not careful. These include quotes falsely attributed to Martin Luther King Jr., a fake rant about terrorism by Robin Williams, fake remarks by Norman Schwarzkopf about the Hezbollah and others. They are not "helping Israel" or "helping Zionism." They are not "good for the Jews" or anyone else. Hoaxes ultimately expose the people who spread them as fools or knaves. They reflect on the cause itself, and cast discredit on legitimate materials. The Palestinians who manufactured fake "Zionist quotes" and scholars and journalists who manufacture fake "massacres" in Tantura and Jenin harm their own credibility among intelligent people.


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Ami Isseroff on 10.17.06 @ 07:33 PM CST [link]

Monday, October 16th

Coexistence in the Galilee

Stuart Palmer lives in the north of Israel and writes a diary for friends. Recently he wrote about coexistence. Arabs and Jews - in Israel and abroad - need to know this side of Israeli reality, which rarely makes headlines.

Living in the north of the country only a few kilometers from the border with Lebanon we are surrounded by Arab villages of all three faiths - Muslim, Christian and Druze. The co-existence between all these faiths and the Jews in the area leaves visitors from abroad amazed. We thought everyone was fighting each other, they would say. Who would have believed this!...


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Ami Isseroff on 10.16.06 @ 05:38 PM CST [link]

Sunday, October 15th

Whose Interest? - Belgian right-extremists look for Jewish votes in their fight against Islam

Sometimes you get support from an unexpected, and also undesired corner. In Europe, Israel has nowadays been deserted by most of its former left-wing supporters, and is instead embraced by some right-wing politicians with an unkosher agenda. Philip Dewinter of the Belgian right-extremist Vlaams Belang ('Flemish Interest') calls himself a friend of Israel and considers Jews to be allies in the struggle against Islam. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz cited Dewinter:

"There is a common interest between Jewish and Flemish people in the struggle against Islam in Europe ... The Jews are our brothers-in-arms in the battle against extremist Islam in Antwerp."


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Ratna Pelle on 10.15.06 @ 11:58 PM CST [link]


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