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Thursday, November 9th

All about the Zionist war crimes

Wednesday's tragic deaths in Beit Hanoun are the result of a tragic error and crimes against humanity. The tragic error is protested by human rights organizations as well as Palestinians. The crimes against humanity are protested by no-one. Gaza is in the grip of a number of terrorist organizations, and is subject to the leadership of a "democratically elected" genocidal terrorist organization. These organizations use civilians as shields for launching a constant barrage of rockets against Ashkelon and Sderot. Qassam rockets have killed in the past. A Qassam rocket narrowly missed a Yeshiva in Sderot this morning. Should Israel wait to respond until after hundreds of people die? In reaction to the killing of Palestinians, Hamas claimed they would call off their "cease fire." But all the while this cease fire has been in effect supposedly, rockets have rained down daily on Israeli towns, and the Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier as part of this cease fire. This is the cease fire. What is the Hamas version of war then?


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Ami Isseroff on 11.09.06 @ 07:24 PM CST [link]

Monday, November 6th

David Grossman's very Zionist Speech

Beloved Israeli Author David Grossman lost his son in the recent Lebanon war. His address to the Rabin memorial assembly was remarkable for its almost anachronistic Zionist idealism as well as for its frankness, penetrating criticism of the government and desire for peace.

The opening paragraphs express the feelings of all those who love Israel, and explain to those who do not understand, why we are here, why we cling to this land, and why he is moved to speak out for peace.


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Ami Isseroff on 11.06.06 @ 04:15 PM CST [link]

Sunday, November 5th

Viability: The case for a great Israel

Several arguments are advanced in favor of Israeli acquisition of territory, each with different rationales:

  • The religious argument - God gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish People

  • The terror argument - Withdrawal from the West Bank will allow creation of a terrorist Hamas state

  • The viability argument - Israel needs more land in order to be more "viable."

  • The viability argument is perhaps the newest of these, and it is the most problematic. The same argument is used, by the way, by pro-Palestinian advocates of a "one-state solution."


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    Ami Isseroff on 11.05.06 @ 03:45 PM CST [link]

Zionism: they stole our movement

An article in Hadassah Magazine.Feeling Left Out, expresses one part of the tragedy and frustration caused by the great Zionist divide -- the lack of unity in the Zionist movement -- about which I have written previously (see Zionist Unity.Gershom Gorenberg begins:

The word ‘Zionist’ belongs to both the right and left of the political divide. Using the term incorrectly displays ignorance of Israel’s history—and deserves to be corrected.


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Ami Isseroff on 11.05.06 @ 12:29 PM CST [link]

Black and White and Zionist together: Can we revive the historic U.S. coalition??

Growing up as a Jew and a Zionist in New York, I was imbued with the conviction that the cause of civil rights for black people was "our cause."

When the U.S. Supreme Court desegregated the school system, "we" had won a great victory. The sit-ins were our fight, as much as any demonstration for Israel. When Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by a sniper, the enemy had killed one of us, and we (five friends) drove all night from New Jersey to Tennessee and then to Atlanta for the memorial.


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Ami Isseroff on 11.05.06 @ 12:27 AM CST [link]


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