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Friday, November 21st

Jewish wars at the GA of United Jewish Communities

The name "United Jewish Communities" [UJC] may be an oxymoron. Either there is one united Jewish community, or there are a lot of communities and then they are not united, no? They might be federated. Perhaps, after their General Assembly [GA] meeting in Israel, they will all be united against us Israelis. It seems, according to the Jerusalem Post, that Israelis and American Jews do not see things the same way at all.The relation betweenDiaspora Jews and Israeli Jews is quite like that of an old couple who both love each other and can't stand each other. They can't be together without fighting, and can't live without each other.


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Ami Isseroff on 11.21.08 @ 07:40 PM CST [link]

Monday, November 17th

The Dahiya Strategy and Gaza: Unlessons of the Second Lebanon War

If fighting is renewed in earnest along Israel's southern or northern fronts, Israel would face guerrilla enemies armed with rockets to be used against civilian targets and anti-tank rockets, and protected by concrete underground bunkers. A controversy has arisen as to how to deal with these threats.

The controversy is not a matter of right or left politics, but an issue to be resolved by analysis and operations research. What applies to Lebanon, applies in large measure to Gaza as well. Any operation against Hezbollah or Hamas will evoke extensive rocket attacks such as those we experienced in the Second Lebanon War and on a smaller scale, those we are experiencing today in Gaza. The measures of the IDF in both cases have proven to be ineffective. Therefore, the IDF has sought a strategy that would end the rocket attacks in the briefest time possible, because of the tremendous pressure they produce from the civilian population.
The strategy it proposes is disastrous. It will not stop the rocket attacks and it will help the enemy achieve its goals. The real problem facing Israel is not an objective external military threat, but an internal psychological one, that must be met by psychological and political means.


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Ami Isseroff on 11.17.08 @ 09:23 PM CST [link]

Sunday, November 16th

Nightmares or facts: Obama, Malley and the grapevine

The Middle East is a breeding ground for pernicious rumors, and the predicted policies of a US president-elect are great grist for the rumor mill.

The number one horror story making the rounds is that Robert Malley, former (or once and future) adviser to Barack Obama had meetings with Syria, Hamas and Egypt and did or did not promise them different things in an official or unofficial capacity. This rumor has been confirmed, denied, confirmed partially, ad nauseum. On this tenuous base, anxious friends of Israel have built an edifice nightmarish of speculation.


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Ami Isseroff on 11.16.08 @ 09:25 PM CST [link]


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