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Saturday, December 23rd

Twenty Five missed opportunities of the Palestinians

From Dublin, Ireland, Tom Carew sends this, originally sent to RTE Radio in 2005, in response to a radio show featuring Robert Fisk, who must have said the sort of things that Fisk always says.

Since then, the Palestinians have missed yet another opportunity, responding to Israeli withdrawal from Gaza by electing the Hamas to lead the Palestinian authority, and meeting concessions with Qassam rockets and kidnapping of soldiers. That makes twenty six missed opportunities.


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Ami Isseroff on 12.23.06 @ 07:27 PM CST [link]

Thursday, December 21st

Full peace for the Golan Heights

"You have nothing to lose, said the spider to the fly", someone commented in reaction to the recent peace offers from Syria to Israel, and especially Assad's call to "Talk to Syria, and like many Israelis are saying, 'even if you think it's a bluff you have nothing to lose.'".

Of course Israel does have something to lose, something more than a nice piece of land where about 20,000 Israelis live and many tourists visit. On the Golan, you have a strategic overview over the low-level Galilee, and control over some tributaries that supply the Jordan river. If given back to Syria, the Golan can be used as a base from which to shell the entire eastern Galilee. This is a nightmare scenario to many Israelis who remember the shelling of villages and Kibbutzim in the valley from the Golan before 1967.


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Ratna Pelle on 12.21.06 @ 05:03 AM CST [link]

Wednesday, December 20th

Israel Bashing - "Zionist" organizations are doing it too

We all know about Israel bashing, demonization of Israel and anti-Semitism. Those are sad facts of life and part of free speech, democracy and pluralism. Organizations like PSM can lobby for boycotts of Israel, Jimmy Carter can compare Israel to South Africa, and Mr. Ahmadinejad can hold Holocaust denial conferences in Iran. Of course, Zionists and Jewish organizations can usually have their say in defending Israel too. That's also part of free speech.

However, the Israel bashing game has apparently become so fashionable that even supposedly Zionist organizations participate. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency tells us about a controversy over "Tough Love" for Israel.


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Ami Isseroff on 12.20.06 @ 09:34 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, December 19th

The coming out party of the pro-Israel Blogosphere

Thanks to Professor Richard Landes of the Augean Stables, as well as the efforts of Uzi Arad and many others, pro-Israel and pro-truth bloggers from all over the world were invited to take part in a first ever conference, on Media as Theater of War, the Blogosphere, and the Global Battle for Civil Society held in Herzliya at the Daniel hotel. The event was open to the public and free. If you missed it, you missed a chance to meet some of your favorite blogging personalities and commentators from Israel, the USA, Australia and Lebanon, among other places.


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Ami Isseroff on 12.19.06 @ 05:58 PM CST [link]


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