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Hezbollah Rocket Range in Northern Israel - Map

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Hezbollah Rocket Attacks in Northern Israel - with Map

Hizbullah is a Shi'a racist Jihadist terror group supported by the Lebanese government, Syria and Iran in violation of UN Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1680. The Lebanese government refused to disarm the Hezbollah, which was "resisting" an Israeli occupation that had ended 6 years previously.

In July of 2006, Hizbullah initiated an unprovoked attack of Katyusha rockets in northern Israel and kidnapped 2 soldiers, killing 3. Using a modified model Katyousha rocket (Raad 4) with a payload of about 100 KG of explosive, the Hizbullah rained down about 125 rockets on Northern Israel. On July 13, two such rockets hit the Stella Maris area in Haifa, and 9 fell in Safed. Some fell in Carmiel and nearby Majdel Krum. Numerous rockets fell in Nahariya, killing one person, wounding many others and causing immense damage. The orange line shows the approximate theoretical southern limit of the rocket range, which includes about a million citizens of Israel.

Arab countries condemned the Israeli response as "collective punishment" and "Zionist aggression."

What would you do if a single rocket fell on your town? A little bitty one that only killed your sister? What would you want your government to do??

(Line was drawn to show range of rockets on July 13. On July 15, rockets reached Tiberias. This is not the full range of rockets used by Hezbollah)


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