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 Israel - Map of 6 Day War -
Sinai (Egyptian Front), 1967 - June 5-6

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Israel - Map of 6 Day War - Sinai (Egyptian Front), 1967 - June 5-6

Land War in Sinai - Israeli armor executed a three pronged strike against Egypt. In the north the three brigades of General Israel Tal's division (Ugdah), crossed the border at Nahal Oz and south of Khan Yunis. They proceeded swiftly to the Rafah Gap, held by four Egyptian divisions. Tal's division had 250 tanks, 50 guns a paratrooper brigade and a reconnaissance unit.  Following fierce battles led by Col. Shmuel Gonen, Israeli armor broke through to the outskirts of El-Arish. Israel lost 28 tanks, 93 men were wounded and 66 killed.

The central division led by Avraham Yoffe, and the southern prong consisting of Ariel Sharon's division, converged on the heavily defended and fortified Umm Qatef (Abu-Ageila-Kusseima) region. Egyptian forces there included one infantry division (the 2nd), a battalion of tank destroyers and a tank regiment.

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Map of Israeli Egyptian Front 6 Day War June 5-6 1967

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