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 Israel - Map of 6 Day War -
Sinai (Egyptian Front), 1967 - June 7-8

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  Israel - Map of 6 Day War - Sinai (Egyptian Front), 1967 - June 7-8

Sharon sent two of his brigades to the north of Um- Qatef, one to break through the defenses at Abu-Ageila to the south, and the other block the road to El-Arish and to encircle Abu-Ageila from the east. At the same time, a paratrooper force was landed there and destroyed the artillery, preventing it from engaging Israeli armor. Combined forces of armor, paratroopers, infantry, artillery and combat engineers attacked the Egyptian disposition from the front flanks and rear, cutting the enemy off. The breakthrough battles which were in sandy areas, three three thousand yard trenches, and minefields, continued until June 8.

The Egyptians retreated in panic and amidst numerous contradictory orders. The Israelis decided to bypass the Egyptian units and destroy them in the mountainous passes of West Sinai. On June 6 and 7 all three Israeli divisions, reinforced by two armored brigades,  rushed westwards to the passes. Sharon's division first went southward then westward to Mitla Pass. It was joined there by parts of Yoffe's division, while its other units blocked the Gidi Pass. Tal's units stopped at various points along the length of the Suez Canal.

Israel's blocking action was only partially successful. The Gidi pass was captured before the Egyptians approached it, but elsewhere Egyptian units did manage to pass through and cross the Canal to safety.

By June 8, Israel had completed the conquest of the Sinai peninsula, sending infantry units to Ras-Sudar on the western coast. Sharm El-Sheikh was captured a day earlier by units of the Israeli Navy. In four days, Israel defeated the largest and most heavily equipped Arab army, leaving Sinai filled with hundreds of burning or abandoned Egyptian vehicles.

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