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 Map Israeli Bombing of Beirut to July 21, 2006

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 Map Israeli Bombing of Beirut to July 21, 2006

Map of Hezbollah Terrorist Rocket Attacks - July 2006

Israel bombed a small area of Beirut in the southern suburbs (DAHYE)- about 50 buildings that constituted Hezbollah HQ and some strategic areas near the port. In addition, Israel bombed Beirut Airport (not shown). European media showed footage of the 50 block destroyed area over and over and gave viewers the impression that Beirut had been destroyed by massive bombing.

Israeli attacks to July 28 had produced about 400 casualties in all of Lebanon, of whom about half were civilians. Indiscriminate bombing claimed by some would have produced thousands of casualties in Beirut alone. On Sept 11 2001, Islamists destroyed two large buildings in N.Y.C. resulting in nearly 3,000 casualties. Destruction of 50 multi-story buildings in Beirut would have produced at least that many casualties.

Beirut Bombing, July 2006

Source: Adapted from PDF linked at: http://www.cohav.org/newsLibrary.asp?category=Hizbollah


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