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Shameless Racism and Iranian Chutzpa Asking for "Tolerance" of Holocaust Denial

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Shameless Racism and Iranian Chutzpa: Asking for "Tolerance" of Holocaust Denial

December 18, 2005

Introduction by ZIIC - The antipathy of the Iranian regime to Zionism and Israel has never been a secret, but it was not until the "World without Zionism" congress held in Iran, in anticipation of Al-Qods (Jerusalem) day, that extremist President Ahmadinejad announced the goal of wiping Israel off the map - "a World Without Zionism - and without America". Now he has continued in the same vein, broadcasting Holocaust denial and racism at the Organization of Islamic Congress meeting in Riyadh.

Now the story has taken a new turn. Until now it was possible to claim that Ahmadinejad speaks only for himself, and that he is a pariah in the the Iranian government. Of course, Presidents are not usually pariahs, but people will believe as they wish. However the Iranian government has now legitimized Ahmadinejad's views. The defenders of racism had the colossal gall to demand "toleration" of their racist views.

Excuse me, how do you say "Chutzpa" in Farsi?

There was a time when the world was wiser to people who asked for "tolerance" of genocidal bigotry. The cry of  "No Passeran" is no longer applied by the politically correct to Fascist reactionary regimes like that of Iran unfortunately. The rest of the world may not deny the Holocaust, but far too many have forgotten what comes of "tolerance" for people of that nature.

Iran calls for tolerance

Sunday 18 December 2005, 14:02 Makka Time, 11:02 GMT

The Iranian president's denial of the Holocaust is a matter for academic discussion and the West should be more tolerant of his views, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

Last week, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a myth and suggested that Israel be moved to Germany or Alaska, remarks that prompted international uproar and threatened diplomatic talks with Europe over Iran's nuclear programme.

But Hamid Reza Asefi, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, defended the president's remarks, which also drew a rebuke from the UN Security Council.

"What the president said is an academic issue" he told a weekly news conference. "The West's reaction show their continued support for Zionists.

"Westerners are used to leading a monologue but they should learn to listen to different views."

Different views

An estimated six million Jews were killed by the Nazis and their allies
between 1933 and 1945.

 Ahmadinejad, a former Revolutionary Guardsman who was elected president, also said in October that Israel was a "tumour" that must be "wiped off the map".

A statement drafted by European Union leaders described last week's Holocaust comment as "wholly unacceptable". The White House termed the remarks "outrageous".

Asefi denounced such international condemnation as emotional and illogical.

"The EU statement is not based on international diplomatic norms. They should avoid illogical methods," he said.

Nuclear stand-off

 Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany's foreign minister, said the Holocaust remarks could weigh on European Union efforts to resolve the dispute over
Iran's nuclear programme.

 Britain, Germany and France had tentatively planned to hold talks later this month on the nuclear programme, which the US and the EU fear is a cover to make nuclear bombs. Iran says it needs it to generate electricity.

When asked whether Ahmadinejad's remarks could hinder talks to resolve Iran's nuclear stand-off with the West, Asefi said: "We do not make any hasty judgment. But Iran's right should be respected. We will never abandon our right to nuclear technology."



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