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The Hebrew name of the book of Genesis is "Bereysheet"  - - In the Beginning.

Bible - Book of Genesis

The Bible book of Genesis begins by describing the creation of the universe: "In God created the heavens and the earth." In Hebrew "Bereysheet Barah Adonai et hashamayim ve'et ha'aretz." The Hebrew name of the book is taken from the first word, "Bereysheet."  In this way, it places the history of the Jewish people in a universal context, and the Hebrew calendar is calculated from the supposed beginning of the world.

The book of Genesis evolved from oral traditions and was probably redacted into its final form about 600 BCE. There are evidences of various anachronisms in the different stories. For example, the events in the story of Abraham should have occurred about 1800 BCE, but the narratives include the use of metal as money in the purchase of the burial places in Hebron. The use of metal as money was a much later development. Likewise, the camel, also mentioned in the stories of Abraham, was probably not domesticated in that era.

Each part of this narrative was a keystone of the culture of the Jewish people when we dwelt in this land in ancient times, and each part has become an enduring cultural asset of the Western world. Some highlights:

Genesis 1 - The Creation of the universe.

Genesis 3 - The "fall," interpreted as the birth of "original sin" by Christians.

Genesis 6 - The flood

Genesis 12 - Abraham, father of the Jewish people, is called to leave Ur of the Chaldees. And in Genesis 12, we find God's promise of the land of Israel to Abraham. From ancient times, the Jewish people, and later the Christians, understood and believed that Israel was the land of the Jewish people.

Genesis 19 - The destruction of Sodom

Genesis 22 - Abraham is called to sacrifice his son, Isaac

Genesis 25 - Esau sells his birthright

Genesis 28 - God renews the promise to give the land to Jacob and his descendants.

Genesis 39 - Joseph in Egypt

Contents of Genesis

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Genesis - Bible - King James Version  Bible - Old Testament - King James Version

History of the King James Bible

Meaning and pronunciation of Hebrew names in the Old Testament

Preface to the First Edition of the King James Bible

The bible and Zionism

The Bible, the Old Testament, has become a mainstay of human culture, but it is first and foremost a historical document of the Jewish people and our culture. It tells the story of our ancient kingdoms and civilization in the Land of Israel, and therefore it kept alive the tie of the people of Israel to the land of Israel for 2000 years. It forms the moral and cultural basis of Zionist ideology and aspirations.

The Bible, the Old Testament, is accepted by the three major Western faiths. It is a major work of Western civilization. The Bible documents the historic connection of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, even for those who do not believe that the Bible is the literal word of God, and even for those who do not believe in God at all. It is the historic epic of the Jewish people in our land.  

Additional Background

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