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Zionism and Israel Photo Gallery - Rishon Letziyon  -  1912

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Photos Taken by Leo Kahan,  a photographer sent to Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) by the Viennese Yidishe Zeitung newspaper in 1912

ראשון לציון Rishon Letziyon

Rishon Le Tziyon (meaning "first to Zion") was founded in  1882 by ten members of  Hovevei Tzion from Kharkov, Russia. Their Leader, Zalman David Levontin, purchased 835 acres  land south-east of Jaffa, near the Arab village of Eyun Kara. It is one of the first  Zionist settlements in Israel, following Petah Tiqvah. As distinguished from Petah Tiqvah, Rishon Le Tziyon was found by Jews who came on Aliya (immigration)  from abroad.The settlers were  part of the First Aliya.

The new settlers faced a lot of difficulties: sandy soil, lack of water, poverty and mainly the lack of agricultural experience. After they had dug a well, a new group of settlers, of the
BILU group arrived. It was then given to the care of  Baron Edmond James de Rothschild who supported the settlement and helped develop their agriculture, citrus fruit and wine industry. The winery is a well known tourist attraction. It probably had about 1,000 inhabitants in 1912, when this photo was taken. Today Rishon Letziyon, a suburb of Tel Aviv, is the fourth largest city in Israel.

The name was inspired by the biblical verse:
"First to Zion are they, and I shall give herald to Jerusalem" from Book of Isaiah , chapter 41, verse 27.

Photos are in the public domain.

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