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Zionism and Israel Documents History and Reference

Encyclopedic Dictionary and Glossary of Zionism, Israel, Middle East and Jewish History  

History and importance of Jerusalem to the Jews and in the history of modern Israel. *

History of Zionism and the Creation of Israel   Timeline of Zionism and Israeli History  

General Resources on the History of Israel, Zionism and the Jews

A brief history of Zionism and the creation of Israel

Text of ICJ Ruling on the Israeli Security Wall (Barrier, Fence)

Text of Israeli High Court Ruling Regarding the Legality of the Security Fence

Dissent of Judge Buergenthal concerning the ICJ Israel Security Fence Ruling, Judge Ozawa,  Opinion of Judge Higgins, Opinion of Judge Kooijmans, Opinion of Judge El Araby, Opinion of Judge Khawasneh, Opinion of Judge Koroma

1905: Ber Borochov - The National Question and the Class Struggle

1905: Max Nordau - Zionism

Poalei Tziyon - Our Platform 1906

 1916: Ber Borochov - The Economic Development of the Jewish People

Poalei Tziyon Peace Platform 1917

Ber Borochov - Eretz Yisrael in our program and tactics

Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees in International Law

Palestinian Terror Main Page

Palestinian and Arab Terror Statistics

Palestinian Terror Attacks on Israel since 2000

Palestinian Terror against Israel following the signing of the Oslo Accords

Palestinian and Arab-Muslim Terror against Israel  from 1967 to 1993

Palestinian and Arab-Muslim Terror against Israel 1948-1967

 Collective Punishment: The Qassam Victims


1898: Nachman Syrkin - The Jewish Problem and the Socialist Jewish State

 Achad Ha'am - An Open Letter to my Brethren: Pinsker and his Pamphlet, Auto-Emancipation

1897 - Achad Ha'am - Jewish State, Jewish Problem

1889 - Achad Ha'am - This is not the way ("The wrong way")

Rome and Jerusalem: The Last National Question by Moses Hess

Gush Etzion Massacre

Bibliography of Zionists

Zionisnim-Israel Historic Photo Gallery  

Moshavat Kinneret  

Alumot farm Kinneret

Heder School, Meron

Ben Shemen 

Haifa Bay, Diligence Taxi 

Jerusalem-Nablus Road 

Mazkeret Batia

Mes'ha, Mt Tabor 

Metulla, 1912 


Mishmar Hayarden

Petah Tiqva - Petach Tikva

Rehovot (Rechovot)

Rishon Letziyon 

Safed - Tzfat

Hamei Tveryia - Tiberias Hot Springs

Wailing Wall - West Wall

7 Mills-Yarkon (shiva tahanot)


Hebrew Gimnasium (Gymnasia Ivrit) Tel Aviv

Holocaust Myth: Muslim Brotherhood Holocaust Denial Echoes Iran

Holocaust Myth Exploded- UN designations International Holocaust Day

The Truth about the Zionist Threat

Personalities - Is Zionism=Racism?

Ariel Sharon's illness and what it means

Ariel Sharon's Last Interview before his stroke After Ariel Sharon - History Interrupted

Zionism and Israel News

The Presbyterian Church and the Hizbullah

Definitions of Zionism

David Duke in Damascus - The True Face of Anti-Zionism

PM Ariel Sharon's Address before the United Nations

A Jewish Palestine by H. Sacher  

UN Debate on Palestine Partition- November, 26, 1947

1947: UN Debate on Palestine - US Position

1945- American Council for Judaism Proposal for Palestine *

UN Debate on Palestine - Remarks of Soviet Representative Andrei Gromyko, May 14, 1947

Letter of PM Ramsay MacDonald to Chaim Weizmann Rescinding the Passfield White Paper

The Passfield White Paper

The Hope-Simpson Report

The Balfour Declaration

The Grand Mufti Haj Amin El Husseini - Fatwa of 1941 - Declares Holy War on Britain

Edwin Montagu - Opposition to the Balfour Declaration

The Philadelphia Platform of Reform Jews - 1869 *

The Pittsburgh platform of Reform Jews - 1885 *

The Columbus Platform of Reform Jews - 1937 *

Rabbi Milton Steinberg Creed of An American Zionist   

1945- American Council for Judaism Proposal for Palestine   History of anti-Zionism

Jewish anti-Zionism-Jews against Zionism*

Reform Jewish anti-Zionism *

Anti-Zionism of Orthodox and establishment Judaism

Marxist anti-Semitism

The Jewish Bund and Anti-Zionism 

Zionism and its Impact Haganah

1929: Arthur Ruppin: Buying the Emek

1908: Arthur Ruppin - The Situation in 1907

Arab Riots and Massacres of 1929 Hebron Massacre in the Riots

Zionism and Israel: Judeophobia ('Anti-Semitism') - A History and Analysis of Jew Hate

Zionism and Israel: Judeophobia ('anti-Semitism',Jew Hate) in the Pagan Ancient World

Zionism and Israel: Judeophobia (Anti-Semitism, Jew Hate) in the Early Christian Church *

Zionism and Israel: Medieval Persecution of Jews I - Proselytization, Conversions and Ghettos

Zionism and Israel: Medieval Persecution of Jews: II- Crusades, Expulsions, Inquisitions and Massacres

Zionism and Israel: Medieval Persecution of Jews: III- Blood Libels and other Myths

Zionism and Israel: Persecution of the Jews Under Islam  

Zionism and Israel: Judeophobia ('anti-Semitism') in the Reformation

Zionism and Israel: Judeophobia in the Enlightenment and 19th Century France

Zionism and Israel: Germany: Racism and Judeophobia ('Anti-Semitism')

Zionism and Israel: Conspiratorial Theories and Russian Judeophobia ('Anti-Semitism')

Zionism and Israel: Marxism and Judeophobia ('Anti-Semitism')  

Zionism and Israel: Judeophobia ('Anti-Semitism') in The United States

Zionism and Israel: Contemporary Anti-Zionism

Zionism and Israel: 

Zionism and Israel: Theories of the Etiology of Judeophobia ('Anti-Semitism')

Map of Israel: Detailed Roadmap of Israel and the occupied territories Security Issues - How big is Israel?

Map of Palestine - Land of Israel, 1845

Zionism - The God that Did Not Fail

Land of Israel-Palestine 1912-Photo Exhibit   Tiberias - 1862 Tiberias - Jewish Family 1893

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La Bibliothèque Proche Orientale- Le Grand Mufti Husseini

The Grand Mufti Haj Amin El Husseini

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